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Oklahoma State University


Under the direction and supervision of the US DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, the Industrial Assessment Centers (IACs) provide extensive energy-efficiency services to small and medium-sized manufacturers in the United States.

Twenty-eight IACs serve all the regions of the United States. IACs provide energy, water, waste, and productivity assessments for clients in their respective regions.

Our IAC team is an experienced staff of Oklahoma State University faculty members and students. Dr. Hitesh Vora currently serves as IAC Director and Dr. Michael McCombs serves as an Assistant Director. At any one time, we have a staff of six to ten students ranging from Ph.D. to M.S. to undergraduate upper-division students. We have an affiliate at Wichita State University (Assistant Directors at WSU IAC - Dr. Mehmet Bayram Yildirim and Dr. Deepak Gupta). We are funded by the United States Department of Energy.