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Oklahoma State University

Plant Visit

An initial meeting is held between the IAC team members and the plant representatives who will participate in the assessment. The purpose of this meeting is to explain the services being offered, review the energy profiles and bills, obtain background information, and define other data needed for the assessment.

Energy Efficiency

During the visit, the IAC team tours the plant in search of the most significant energy streams. The team then identifies energy conservation opportunities for these energy streams. Measurements are taken to quantify current energy use and identify practices. These data are used to calculate estimates of energy use and cost savings in the final report.

Pollution Prevention

During the visit, a team of OSU faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students tour the plant to follow production flows from raw materials to finished products. The IAC team identifies the most significant waste streams, quantifies the volumes of waste generated, and calculates the associated waste management costs. The team then analyzes possible waste prevention opportunities.